Melinda's Garden Moment: Fall Container Gardens


Add a splash of color to your fall gardenwith a few fresh containers.

You can purchase some ready madeplanters from your local garden center or create a bit of fall floral beauty ofyour own.

Selectplants that love the cooler fall temperatures or reach their peak floraldisplay in fall.

Useplants like Swiss chard, rudbeckia or spike for vertical accents. Boost the color with asters, mums and frosttolerant annuals like ornamental cabbage, dianthus and pansies.

Addsome interest with ornamental peppers and a bit of flavor with bok choy anddecorative mustard.

Use rudbeckia for a vertical accent.Pop in ornamental mustard and kale for filler and finishing off withpansies.

Orjust perk up some of your weather weary containers like I am by adding adianthus and aster for a fresh splash of color.

Once fall has passed consider trying a few wintercontainers. All the ingredients you needjust might be outside your backdoor. Soget out the pruners and take a walk through your yard and look for nature'sornaments. Fruits like rose hips,winterberries, crabapples and other's add color to the container. And the fluffy seedheads of ornamentalgrasses make a nice vertical accent and add a bit of motion to thearrangement. And if you have nobackyard, take a trip to the garden center they will have plenty of items foryour winter containers.

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