Melinda's Garden Moment: Holes in Hosta Leaves


Holesin hosta leaves - they're a common sight no matter where you garden.

Slugsare the most common culprit, but there are other possibilities.

Startby reviewing the weather. Frost damage,hail, and even falling maple seeds (many call "helicopters"), can damage theseplants. Monitor the weather and theprogression of the damage. No more holes– it's most likely one of these.

Sinka can of stale beer in the ground near your hostas or check under rocks andbirdbaths in the morning. If slugs arethe culprit, you'll find them there.Continue trapping with the beer or try the eco-friendly iron phosphateproducts.

Earwigsare the other possibility. They prefercool, dark and damp conditions like slugs. Set a crumpled paper out under a pot to trap. If present, you can live with the damage ortry one of the more eco-friendly insecticides.

Holes can also result from some diseases.For example, Anthracnose fungal disease causes large irregular spotswith dark edges. The dead leaf tissue inthe center of these spots often falls out. Avoid overhead irrigation, especially late in the day and removeinfected foliage to reduce the spread of the disease.

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