Melinda's Garden Moment: Leser-Used Perennials


Livenup your landscape by including a few of the lesser-used perennials.

Theblackberry lily (Belamcanda chinensis)produces beautiful flowers in summer followed by seedpods that split open toreveal blackberry-like seeds for additional interest in the garden or driedarrangements.

Stokesaster (Stokesia laevis) was a popularplant in the past, but not as common now. Grow this beauty in full sun and well-drained soil for bestresults. And grow enough to include afew in your cut flower arrangements.

Heleniums,also known as Helen's flower or sneezeweed, are adaptable to a variety ofgrowing conditions. Many newer varietieswith stronger or shorter stems are being introduced.

Thefine airy flowers of Jupiter's beard (Centranthusruber) make this a great filler in the garden. Be aware it will reseed.

Andfor hot dry areas consider this Coral Penstemon. It makes a colorful focal point and attractsbeneficial insects to the garden.

Make a bold statement in your garden with the lesser-used ornamentalrhubarb. The large leaves can be green,variegated, or tinged red or orange. These are topped with white or redflowers. Give this big plant plenty ofroom or dig, divide and share with a friend when it outgrows its location.

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