Melinda's Garden Moment: New Ways to Use Vines


Avine-covered arch is a beautiful and traditional way to welcome visitors to agarden. And flanking the front entrancewith vines is a colorful way to lead visitors to your front door. To add to theappeal, try using the less common Betty Corning Clematis.

Tryincorporating vines into the garden at ground level. In this Melinda's Garden Moment you'll see aclimbing hydrangea ramble over a stone wall, combining nicely with ferns,ginger and other shade tolerant plants. The stone's rough surface is perfectfor the rootlike holdfasts to adhere to.

Anda Dutchman's pipe is trained on wires to climb up and perfectly frame a smallcottage.

Maskan old stump. Simply cover with nettingto allow the clematis tendrils to grab hold and move skyward.

Andmix it up a bit – combine the bloom power of roses and clematis to put on acolorful summer show.

Vines use different means of attachment to climb skyward. Make sure to select a support with the propersurface or structure that allows the vine to attach and climb skyward. Use a support structure sturdy enough to holdthe weight of the vine and anchor it securely. Allow air flow between vines andwood sided homes and fences to prevent rot. And consider future maintenance needs when growing vines near your home,structures and fences.

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