Melinda's Garden Moment: The Beauty of Sedges


Thehumble sedge known botanically as Carexprovides lots of beauty and environmental benefits to the landscape.

Thesegrass-like plants can easily be distinguished from other look-a-likes. As the old saying goes "sedges have edges."The stem has three sides, making it triangular and unlike the round or flattenedstems of reeds and grasses.

Mostsedges prefer shade and moist to even wet soils, but many tolerate full sun.

UseCarex to create rhythm in the garden,helping move your eyes through the garden in a gently flowing pattern.

Thefine foliage of the sedges create a sense of unity as it's repeated andintermingled with the various sizes, shapes and colors of the flowers.

UseCarex as a backdrop to plants withbolder leaves and flowers or as a focal point in the garden.

The North American Palm sedge (Carexmuskingumensis) provides interesting form and texture in the garden. The leaves on this upright sedge whorl aroundthe stem, reminiscent of a palm tree.The variegated cultivar ‘Oehme' has clear yellow borders on theleaves.

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