Melinda's Garden Moment: Using Deciduous Conifers in the Landscape


Thelight airy texture of the bald cypress makes it a standout. But infall when the needles turn yellow it truly is amazing.

Yes,this conifer and a few others are deciduous.Though they bear needles and cones, like pines and spruces, they are notevergreen.

Thelarches needles turn yellow or golden in fall.The American larch is native to wet, boggy and cold climates. Use weeping and dwarf larches as specimens inperennial gardens and mixed borders.

Thebald cypress is a common site in the swamps and bayous of the south. They prefer full sun and tolerate clay,pollution, and wet soil. Watch for its orange to cinnamon fall color.

Dawnredwood looks like the bald cypress and puts on a glorious fall display whenits needles turn reddish bronze in fall.

Shawnee Brave bald cypress is fuller than the species, has deep green foliage,and is resistant to mites. Autumn Goldis a newer bald cypress cultivar with denser foliage and golden fall color.

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