Melinda's Garden Moment: Waterwise Gardening Tips


Nomatter where you live, being a waterwise gardener makes environmental andeconomic sense. And it's really easierthan you think.

Userain barrels to capture rain off your roof or directly from the sky. Decorate or mask the barrels with nearbyplantings.

Andconnect it to a soaker hose installed in a nearby garden. Just open the spigot and allow gravity toslowly empty the water throughout the day.

Usingsoaker hoses and drip irrigation will also save water by applying the waterdirectly to the soil where it is needed.

Groupmoisture-loving plants together. You'llsave time and money spent watering by skipping those drought tolerant plantsand lawns that can recover from drought induced dormancy.

Alwayswater thoroughly and less frequently to encourage deep drought tolerantroots. And mulch the soil to conservemoisture and keep roots cool.

Many municipalities, nature centers, and home gardeners are converting 50-gallonfood containers into rain barrels. Theprice is right, but they are not always the most attractive. Improve their looks with a bit of paint andcreativity. Watch the Melinda's GardenMoment on painting rain barrels fortips and techniques.

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