Melinda's Garden Moments: Controlling Creeping Charlie in the Lawn


It'sfragrant, produces purple-blue flowers in spring, and adapts well to sun orshade. I just described creeping Charlie(Glechoma hederacea) also known asground ivy, a weed most gardeners are trying to eliminate from their lawns.

Diggingis a difficult, long-term process and one where the creeping Charlie usuallyoutlasts the gardener. This weed creeps along the soil surface, rooting as it grows. Any little piece of stem that gets leftbehind will root and reinfest the area.

Youmay want to try the new chelated iron weed killers. This natural selectiveherbicide kills broadleaf weeds, but not your grass.

Treatingwith a broadleaf weed killer when the plants are in full bloom or after a hardfreeze will kill the plant. Just keep inmind there are lots of seeds in the soil waiting for a bit of space to sproutand grow.

Besure to read and follow label directions carefully.

A bit moreinformation: Creeping Charlieoften gets its start in the shade. Oncethis weed is controlled, replant these areas with shade tolerant groundcovers. Canadian ginger, coral bells (Heuchera), foam flower (Tiarella), hosta, lungwort (Pulmonaria), barronwort (Epimedium), and deadnettle (Lamium) are a few to consider.

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