Melinda's Garden Moments: Green Wall for Vertical Appeal


Green walls are all the rage. They green up otherwise unplantable spacesand can even help conserve energy.

Youcan make your own or buy one of the vertical planting systems now on themarket.

Flexiblehanging containers like this are designed to mount on walls. Some are designed specifically for indoor useand have built in water barriers to prevent damage.

Simplyfill the bottom of the pocket with a well-drained potting mix. Place transplants inside the planter withroots touching the watering wick. Coverthe roots with potting mix and water.

Thisvertical garden has a watering mat to insure every section is evenly watered. Partially fill each section with awell-drained potting mix and plant. I amusing drought tolerant, low growing hens and chicks for low maintenance and apretty display. Water in the plants and mount your planter on a wall.

A bit moreinformation: Buildyour own vertical garden with 1 x 4's, plywood, hardware cloth or weed barrier,and a well-drained potting mix. Create aframe from the 1 x 4's and back with plywood. Fill with potting mix and cover with weed barrier, hardware cloth, orlattice to hold the potting mix and plants in place.

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