Melinda's Garden Moments: Spring Flowering Bulbs


Tulips, daffodils, and other springflowering bulbs are often the first sign of a change of season. Find new locations and combinations to add toyour garden.

Usemass plantings of small-scale bulbs like grape hyacinths or mix them withlarger spring flowering bulbs, groundcovers or perennials for greater impact.

Extendyour bulb display by including early, mid and late spring tulips, and increase interest by using varioustypes. The narrow and pointed petals ofthe lily tulip are quite the contrast to the more ruffled petals of the parrot. Try double peony type for a bold statement inthe garden or the more subtle, but long lived flowering species tulips.

Earlyand mid spring daffodils come in a variety of colors, flower size and trumpetsizes. Include some fragrant jonquils toenjoy in the garden or indoors.

Maskthe fading foliage by mixing bulbs with perennials.

Sink a container of precooled bulbs in alarger container filled with spring flowers, vegetables, and perennials. Once the bulbs are finished blooming, removethe pot of bulbs, and replace it with a summer flowering plant.

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