Melinda's Garden Moments: Tabletop Containers


Create a living centerpiece using plants suited to small containers, the growing conditions and of course, your decor.

All you need are three matching saucers of increasingly larger sizes, two small pots, outdoor plastic glue, a well-drained potting mix and small scale flowers.

Drill holes in the bottom of the saucers for drainage. I purchased an extra one to protect my table from the water.

Glue the pots onto the saucers and allow to dry. Partially fill the saucers with potting mix leaving room for your plants. Set the plants in the soil making sure all the roots are covered.

I am using sweet alyssum for the fragrance and a dwarf impatiens for additional color. Plus, both will grow well in the partially shaded area where this will be used.

Elevate in a protective saucer, water and enjoy.

A bit more information:
Rutgers University found flowers have an immediate and long term effect on mood. People receiving cut flowers immediately felt happier. They also reported feeling less depressed, anxious, and agitated and experienced more enjoyment and satisfaction over time.

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