Updated: Members of Berea Family Missing in Storm Found, Mother Dead


Searchers on snowmobiles have located the body of a 37-year-old Berea woman missing in a snow storm, as well as her 19-year-old son who was found alive in an abandoned farmhouse.

The Nebraska State Patrol says Lisa Conrad had called her husband on her way home from work in Alliance around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday to tell him she'd been stranded by the powerful snowstorm and was leaving her car a mile south of Berea on U.S. Highway 385. She told her husband that her son, Brandon Conrad Jr., was walking from their Berea home to meet her.

"In talking with Brandon, we were able to learn he walked from his family's home in Berea to where his mother's car was stranded," said Captain Mike Gaudreault, Troop E Commander. "He and his mother then left the vehicle and attempted to walk back to their house, but became disorientated in the blinding snow and never made it."

NSP says Lisa Conrad's body was discovered in a field about a half-mile west of the highway by three area residents on snowmobiles. She died from exposure after being unable to go on in the blinding snow with her son, according to NSP officials.

After finding her the snowmobilers traveled to an abandoned farmhouse where they found Brandon Conrad Jr. He was taken to Box Butte General Hospital for treatment of hypothermia and frostbite where he remains in stable condition.