Memorial Ride Honors Grand Island Marine Killed in Combat


PFC Noah Boye was killed in Iraq on April 13, 2004.

His brother, Joseph, who died five years later, was also deployed there as an Army specialist.

On Saturday friends, and even strangers who didn't know the brothers, joined their family in remembering their sacrifice.

Kim Schaefer, Noah and Joseph's aunt, says a memorial ride was something she wanted to do for her nephews after taking part in others across the state.

"I ride with the American Legion Riders and also the Patriot Guard Riders, so we do a lot of those funerals, and it's just my way of giving back," says Schaefer. "I'm a veteran also, and we want everybody to know they're not forgotten."

Schaefer says her nephews both attended Walnut Middle School where the ride's proceeds will go.

"Both boys were really big into music and their guitars, and so we wanted to do something for kids that can't afford music instruments," she says.

Riders like Denny Reis say even though they didn't know them personally, they understand how much the brothers gave for their country. Reis says the camaraderie of motorcycles makes it easy to pull together and support a still grieving family ten years later.

"I think, as an enthusiast, you know, I love the Lord first off and then I serve Him, and this is giving back to the freedom that we've been freely given," says Reis.

Schaefer, a representative of the Killed in Action Honor Flag, says remembering veterans is something they want others to do, and not just on anniversaries or on Memorial Day.

"We want to get these flags out to the Gold Star families and so they're kind of a sponsor for us today, and we just want to let everybody know that we don't forget them, once they're laying in the ground, we don't forget them," she says.

Around 25 motorcycles plus other vehicles took part in the ride to St. Paul, Cairo, Alda and Doniphan.

Before they left Grand Island, the riders stopped at the cemetery to lay wreaths on Noah's and Joseph's graves.