Meridian Public School

School Mascot: Mustangs

School Colors: Red/White

Number of Students in School: 76 (grades 9-12)

Students in Band: 37

School Founded: 1967

Is your school consolidated? Yes

With what towns: Daykin, Western, Alexandria, Tobias

Town Population: Each town has between 100 to 400 people

Years Attending HOH: 8 years

Miles traveled to Grand Island: 100 miles

Song(s): "Treasure"

Facts/Trivia: The band and choir took a trip to Chicago this past May (we take a trip every 4 years) and we just ordered new band uniforms that we will have for concerts and spring contest. You will see us in them at next year's Harvest of Harmony parade. We thank our uniform overlays for 35+ years of service and we hope they enjoy their retirement after today's festivities.

Drum Major: Bridgette Jackson

Band Director: Erin VanderSchaaf

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