Michelle Randall Sentenced in District Court


She sold her daughters for sex, and Thursday, Michelle Randall got her sentencing in Franklin County District Court.

Her crimes range from human trafficking to child abuse. A judge ruled she'll spend the next fifty years behind bars before even being eligible for parole.

"We were looking for concurrent sentences today so that Michelle has the opportunity, a chance for parole eligibility in her natural life," said Randall's court appointed attorney Tana Fye. "She is first eligible for parole at age 87 and-a-half years old so she will not be able to have children at that point in time."

"I believe the sentences remain important. They remain important for the reason that we need to send a message," said Franklin County Attorney Patrick Duncan. "And we need to send a message that we're not going to allow children to be given into slavery, especially sexual slavery."

This marks the fourth trial for Michelle Randall in four different courtrooms, and each time she was found guilty.