Mid Nebraska Mobility Shares Home Safety Tips for Avoiding Falls on Stairs


Falls account for 25 percent of all hospital admissions, which is why Mid Nebraska Mobility is sharing some home safety tips to keep falls from ruining your spring.

Fall prevention tips for the staircases in your home include:

  • Stairs should be well lit.
  • Make sure no nails or screws are where they can get caught on a shoe.
  • Get rid of thick carpets and pads on stairs as they can make it more difficult to climb.
  • Never place small throw rugs at the top or bottom of stairs.
  • Don't keep any items on the stairs.
  • Don't climb stairs holding items you can't see over or around.
  • Never rush up stairs.
  • Install a sturdy handrail.

For more information, contact Mid Nebraska Mobility at 308-237-0605.