Middle School Youth Conference Holds Standing Strong Event


The Central Nebraska Council onAlcoholism and Addictions, Inc., presents its 6th Annual Middle SchoolYouth Congress on Tuesday, March 26, from 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to beheld at Grand Island Evangelical Free Church, 2609 South Blaine Street, GrandIsland, Nebraska.

The event, entitled "Standing Strong: EmpoweringOurselves, Empowering Others," will host approximately 100 Hall County middleschool students. Participating schoolsinclude Cedar Hollow, District 1-R, Trinity Lutheran, Barr Middle School, WalnutMiddle School, and Westridge Middle School.

This leadership event willencourage youth in the development of personal resiliency traits which allowthem to avoid unhealthy and possibly dangerous situations, to effectivelyaddress these situations when they do arise, and to empower the people aroundthem to do the same.

Mr. ChrisEberhardt, Assistant Principal from Northwest High School will present"Choosing to Build" in the morning, and Investigative Sergeant Jeromy McCoy ofthe Nebraska State Patrol will address "Cyberbullying and Social Networking" inthe afternoon. Also in the morning,Schuyler Emde, a senior at Grand Island High School, will present "StopBullying Nebraska."

Throughout the day,students will participate in breakout sessions:"Bully Busters," led by Anita Lewandowski Brown, Executive Director ofthe YWCA; "The Power of Assets," with Sandy Yager, Project Coordinator forTobacco Free Hall County; "Creating a Community of One," by Carlos Barcenas, ExecutiveDirector of the Multicultural Coalition of Grand Island; and "Drugs: MakingResponsible Choices," presented by Sergeant Quinn Webb, Hall County Sheriff'sDepartment. There will be otheractivities as well for a full and rewarding day.

For more information,contact the Central Nebraska Council on Alcoholism and Addictions at308-385-5520 or go online to