Milford Public School

School Mascot: Eagles

School Colors: Purple/Black/Gold

How many students are in your school? 220

How many are in your band? 105

Is your school consolidated? No

What towns are your students from? Milford, Pleasant Dale

How many people live in your town? 2,100

Miles traveled to Grand Island: 80 miles

What songs will the band be playing this year? "Theme from Rocky"

Why did you choose those songs? It's a student favorite

What previous awards has your band won? 2nd place in class B at Harvest of Harmony parade last year

Interesting facts or trivia: Junior and Seniors will travel to San Francisco in March

Drum Majors or Majorettes: Samantha Vaverka, Ashley Heyen

Flag Team Director: Christy Ruhl

Band Director: Phil Goddard

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