Minden City Council Focuses on Water Tower Maintenance


Minden officials are taking it slow, as they try to figure out what to do with the decades old water issues.

As expected, no action was taken on the long term four phase plan to replace water mains, but Monday night's meeting touched more on water tower maintenance.

It's phase two of the solution, officials are putting more focus on repainting, restoration, and upkeep of both towers in town; which won't solve the rusty water problem, but it may help make the water cleaner.

Residents who attended the meeting are thankful this is being addressed.

"This is going to be a major project, but as I say 'It has to be done,'" said Minden resident Glenda Blauch. "And cleaning out the water towers I think is primary because if we're going to start with the new pipelines or clean pipelines, we need to make sure the source is cleaned and taken care of."

Officials say they know the public's view, but taking the time to get all their facts straight is the best way to go.

"I'm pleased. This, the Council is making sure they understand all the facts and I think we're going to make some progress on August 5th on the tower maintenance," said Minden City Administrator Matt Cederburg. "And hopefully over the next three months or so, get a workshop together to discuss the water main project, prep up for a possible financing option solutions, come May at the primary election."

City Council will meet again on August 5 to hear final proposals on water tower bids.