Minden Family Helps Out Finland Couple


A family from Finland is riding their motorcycles across the world. They have driven through 30 different countries across three continents with their three French poodles by their side.

Ilta Lehto and Wolfgang Steffens have driven through Europe and West Africa. Their drive started in May of 2013.

While on their United States portion, Ilta took a spill. She flipped her bike while driving through the gravel roads of Minden.

The accident landed her at Good Samaritan Hospital with a concussion and scratches across her body. The bike suffered damage to the windscreen, front support frame and the handlebar.

Minden’s own Peggy Shearer and her husband let the couple stay at their house while Ilta recovered from her injuries and Wolfgang fixed the bike.

“We enjoy the people and we thought that be the best thing for them. We have a shop so they can work their motorcycle,” said Shearer.

On Friday, the bike was all fixed up and Ilta is recovered from her concussion.

They say they will never forget the hospitality the Shearer family gave them.

“I could just get attention close by we didn’t have to deal this alone the two of us,” said Ilta Lehto.

Their goal now is to finish their United States tour and check out 50 more countries.