Minden Public Schools Attempting to Pass Bond for Second Time


Minden is once again trying to pass a bond for a new high school; the $26 million bond proposed this past fall failed by 130 votes.

The new bond, set to be on the November ballot, is only $22 million. Because there's less money, the school cut several plans from the bond last year.

In the current proposal, the high school gym will be a lot smaller. This means the varsity sporting events will continue to be played at the middle school.

The current high school was built in 1936, and moisture is starting to come out of the walls and lab tables are in need of replacement.

“As time goes by we will be getting less and less of the building and at a larger cost. We think it’s important to pass this as soon as possible,” said Minden Principal Don Hosic.

The principal says building costs go up 5 percent each year, so the sooner the city passes the bond, the cheaper the cost. The levy would cost 17 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

If the bond passes, the theater department would get a new auditorium. School officials say the current auditorium has poor sound equipment and the spotlights are constantly hit by volleyballs during practice.

“It'd be really nice to have quality equipment that’s protected and used appropriately,” said play director Jeffrey Horner.

Principal Hosic says he believes if the school were ever inspected there is no way it would pass code requirements.