Minden Tops the List for Home Ownership


The city of Minden rates as number one in Nebraska for home ownership, according to a recent report from Meanwhile, Kearney ranked in the bottom 10 percent.

Realtors say the biggest difference is the price. For the same size house, it could be $20,000 cheaper in Minden.

Minden realtors think the top ranking is good for business.

“It’s good to share that with our clients, people who are wanting to move to Minden because it’s really good to share with them,” said Minden realtor Lynette Bahm.

Minden is top in the state for reasons such as affordability, population grown and percentage of people who own homes -- more than three-quarters of people living in a home own it.

The report found the average monthly cost for a Minden home is $850, while a household on average brings in $4,200 a month.

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