Minimum Wage Hike Petition Added To November Ballot


Supporters of raising Nebraska's minimum wage from $7.25 to nine dollars an hour now have their petition on the November ballot.

They were able to get 9,000 more verified signatures than needed but now the question is, will people vote for it?

Folks NTV talked to said yes.

"I would probably vote for it."

"I would probably vote for it because I think people are really underpaid."

"Some people got to have the money, some people can't live on $7"

"That's a tough one because I can see it from both ways"

Most said it's not an easy decision to make. The problems people are weighing are if workers really making enough money already, and how would a pay increase affect businesses in our state.

"A lot of small businesses could be in trouble with the minimum wage going up," said Twila Danielson.

"I can see that it will probably cause problems for the business owners, small business owners," another Holdrege resident added.

"I know that everyone else would love to have minimum wage raised when they work there," said Katelyn Zrebarth. "But then the prices of businesses would be higher as a result of it so I think people are getting by the way they are now."

You'll be able to help decide this question in November when it's on the general election ballot.