Modern Day "Pony Express" Delivering Letters, Awareness For Children's Mental Health Wellness


A statewide campaign hits the road this weekend, all to encourage the continued support of children and families struggling with mental health issues.

The Eagle Riders stopped at Kearney's "Spark Festival", halfway through a cross–state road trip.

They stopped to gather letters for state leaders that thank and encourage them to keep supporting mental health programs.

Officials say it helps those families who don't know where to turn.

"I think there are people that get embarrassed about needing to seek mental health help. I do think the letters make a difference at the state level," said Families Care Ex. Dir. Kathy Bennetts. "We get funding from the state to get parent peer support to parents that are struggling with their kids and that really gives them an extra hand in finding the resources they need for their families."

This modern day "Pony Express" delivers an average between 2,500 and 3,000 letters per year, and organizers say they're glad to help.

"Number one, our priority is children on this ride, interact with children, see some of the needs and visit some of those people who have these problems," said ride coordinator Bill Primrose. "So we can express our interest in trying to get the help they need, that's why we deliver the letters."

The Eagle Riders will continue their journey to Blair on Friday, and then deliver all collected letters to the state capitol on Saturday.