Money Raised for New YMCA in Lexington


A project 18 months in the making is nearing the finish line. The new YMCA in Lexington is expected to be complete one year from now.

The "Y" just met its goal of raising $5.5 million with $2 million of that coming from Orthman manufacturing.

The new YMCA is hoping the building to be ready by August 2014.

In the current facility you can see the weight room, children's area and exercise room all from one spot.

The new facility will have separate areas for offices, a workout zone, children's center and gymnasium that will feature three basketball courts and an indoor track.

Lexington YMCA President Tod Mckeone says he can't wait to see the new complex.

"This has been such a long project. A lot of volunteers have put in a lot of time, and to see this come to fruition is unbelievable. It's going to be something for this community for the next 50 plus years. It gives me goose bumps," said Mckeone.

The YMCA site manager says the spirit of the community coming together will transition in to the new "Y".

"It brings people that may have not have been brought together outside of the "Y". People build relationships with others they would have never been connected with," said Katie Bohnhoff.

One member thinks the new facility will do just that.

"It's going to help a lot of people. And I see they like to bring the family into it and keep it. So we can get to know each other" said Janice Byrns.

One frequent gym goer is thrilled to workout at the new place.

"I am really excited, cause I like to exercise," said frequent gym goer Julene Margritz. "I'm going to be about four blocks from it. Since I exercise every day. I think it will be very handy for me."

Lexington "Y" members are counting down the days until they can lift weights and run on cardio machines at the new building.

Once this work is completed, the gym's next goal will be to build an indoor pool.