Monsanto to Expand in Nebraska


Monsanto, an agronomy company that sells seeds, crop protection chemicals and works to develop plant traits through biotechnology, will be expanding its plants in Waco, Neb.

The St. Louis-based company announced its plans to expand four of its plants in Nebraska, Iowa and Indiana on Wednesday.

Monsanto will invest more than $100 million to expand these plants for the purpose of increasing the company's capacity to product corn seeds.

The plant in Waco can expect to see a large part of that money as it is one of the plants that will have the biggest effect on production. The other big project is the expansion of the plant in Remington, Ind.

Monsanto is also investing such a large amount of money in Waco because the area is 100 percent irrigated, allowing the company some protection against drought.

The two other expansions will take place at plants in Grinnll and Williamsburg Iowa.

The company hopes to have the expanded plants operational by next year's harvest.