More Bricks to Come in Downtown Kearney


Kearney sees a booming downtown and is preparing to make sure they have no issues down the road. As it grows, the city council doesn’t want it to lose its traditional feel.

The council passed several amendments Tuesday night, including one that says new buildings facing the street will have to be made with at least 75 percent brick. Ground floors in downtown have to be 65 percent glass in an effort to connect with people downtown.

“Really helps provide a sense to pedestrians the ability to see into stores and makes more welcoming atmosphere in the downtown,” said assistant city manager Suzanne Brodine.

The rules would only be for new buildings or a building that undergoes major renovations. The city now wants to focus on improving business in the second and third floors of buildings in downtown Kearney.

The council also changed their requirements for apartments downtown and in the business district: the minimum square footage for an apartment went from 1,000 feet to 325 feet.