More Help Needed for Start Over Rover Animal Shelter


It's no secret that local animal shelters are being flooded with animals on a daily basis, and helping those pets is a big undertaking.

Over the weekend, volunteers took 24 dogs to the Start Over Rover no-kill animal shelter in Hastings.

And while about half of the dogs are now in foster homes, they are still in need of additional help.

"We make a commitment to each and every animal that comes through our doors that we'll keep them as long as needed to find them the right home," says shelter volunteer Anne Halbert.

And after last weekend's large rescue, getting the animals the proper medical attention hasn't been easy.

Halbert goes on to say, "When animals first come in, especially in a case like this, we do have them in an area separated from all of the other animals. Like in this case, all of the dogs had flees and worms very badly so we needed to keep them separated off from our general population."

An outpouring of support has been flooding in from the community and many people have turned to their Facebook pages to show support and offer words of encouragement and well wishes for the dogs.

"Already we have had a huge outpour of support from some of our current foster family homes as well as other people who were interested in fostering. They have come in and met some of the animals and a number have already gone into foster homes," Halbert shared.

Adoption is always the end goal for Start Over Rover, but fostering can be a big help to give added attention and love to the animals in addition to the help it provides with over crowding.

Volunteers are always welcome and monetary donations or donations of animal beds, toys and food are accepted as well.