GI Planning Comm. Approves Rezone to Bring More Housing to the City


A tight real estate market in Grand Island has developers discussing morehousing options for the growing city.

Regional Planning Director Chad Nabity says that as GrandIsland's population grows, housing is becoming a big issue for the city.According to Nabity, realtors are having a hard time finding homes for rentersand buyers because only about 117 homes were recently seen as available out ofthe 20,000 housing units in the city.

"There are jobs available, people hiring, and peoplecoming in from surrounding areas -- the same types of things that broughtpeople here before," Nabity said. "It just keeps going and we keep adding housesand we're going to see more and more need."

The city's planning commission met Wednesday night to lookat rezoning property north of Fonner Park between Sun Valley and Pleasant View drives.The commission wants to rezone the property from R1 to R2 status to allow forthe development of duplexes.

Gregory W. Baxter, the project's developer, said it would be waste of landif the rezone isn't approved. "It [the land] keeps getting added on to allthe time, and each time it gets added on to it fills up pretty much, so we thinksthere is a need for the area," said Baxter.

Nabity said the project has been around since 1976 and developers have continuedto add bits and pieces to the development. This will be the last addition tothe project.

Before those extra duplexes can be built, the Grand Island City Council mustgive their final approval.