More Shopping, Entertainment and Recreation Coming to Arapahoe


Some exciting new changes are in store for the town of Arapahoe.

Within the next six months the town with a population of around 1,000 will see two new businesses, as well as an outdoor recreational area. Construction on the projects is already underway.

As of June or early July, a new Dollar General store will be in business on the east end of town, off the highway.

A brand new locally-owned bowling alley is also in the works on the opposite end of town. It is scheduled to be up and running sometime this summer.

In addition, the community can expect a new RV site and fitness trail by this fall.

The additions are exciting for the small community. As many towns fight to hold onto businesses, Arapahoe is gaining.

"Arapahoe seems to hold its own. It’s a good solid community and local businesses here in town have stuck around and done a good job on passing on their businesses to the younger generations and maintain what they have," said Arapahoe Mayor John Koller.

Koller says the bowling alley, which is planned to be called Tornado Alley, will add a much needed entertainment aspect to the town.

And while some many worry about Dollar General adding competition to local business he says the store is geared toward travelers passing through on their way to shop in larger towns such as Holdrege or Kearney. And says that hopefully it will bring more business to Arapahoe in general.