Morning House Call- A Few Simple Steps to Feeling Better


Local health officials are sharing a few simple steps to help you feel generally healthier.

The SEE Challenge is set up to see how much better a person would feel after following three steps for three months.

S – Stress Management

  • Many people never learned how to properly deal with disappointments, unmet expectations or anger in healthy ways, instead stuffing down emotions and using alcohol, drugs and nicotine to feel better. Other coping strategies include over-eating, over-working, isolation and fits of anger.
  • Instead, try getting some exercise, 7-8 hours of sleep each night, and see a counselor if necessary.

E –Exercise

  • Start moving more by taking a few simple steps -- park farther away, takethe stairs instead of the elevator, walk during breaks at work, do chair exerciseswhile watching TV or at computer.

E –Eat & Drink things closer to nature

  • Keep it simple -- the feweringredients the better

For more information, contact Phelps Memorial Health Center at 308.995.2211.