Morning Outdoor Files


If you liveup in the sandhills and are looking for a casual Sunday bit of fun, head to theBowring Ranch State Historical Park-about an hour west of Valentine inMerriman, Nebraska.

On Sunday,Feb 24 at 1 p.m. (mountain time zone), the park will play host to acowboy poetry and music jam. Of courseyou can also take in tours of the ranching interpretive museum, watch the filmand take in the ranch home. The home is full of various antique furnishings andpolitical memoirs of Eve Bowring's time in Washington as Nebraska's first womansenator.

As ice leavesour waters, landowners might want to start monitoring their ponds for fishkills. Jeff Blaser is the Game and ParksPrivate Waters Specialist said, "If you only have a few dozen fish die off,probably not a big deal." But if you're exceeding 100, you might visit withJeff on what to do -- you might even be eligible for restocking.