Most Americans Say it's Best to be Honest While Doing Taxes


It's tax season andmany Americans might be hoping for a refund when they file. While finding outyou owe money may not be ideal, the majority of Americans believe this is noexcuse to try and skip out on your bill.

According to a newsurvey a vast majority of Americans said cheating on taxes is unacceptable.However, there are those out there who think it's perfectly fine tounder-report income, claim bogus deductions and inflate credits.

This is all accordingto an IRS oversight board poll of one thousand people.

Those whoparticipated in the survey were asked how acceptable it is to cheat on taxes - ifat all.

Only 12 percent ofthose surveyed answered "a little here and there" or "as much aspossible," meaning that the majority favored the more honest route.

If you're among the12 percent, be ready to cough up a big fine if you're caught and know that,depending on the case, you could even face prison time.