Mullen Public Schools Building New Gym


Mullen Public Schools is looking to get a new practice gym to help with scheduling conflicts between sport practices, physical education classes and community events.

BD Construction Inc., based in Kearney, is building the 11,000-square-foot stand-alone gym next to the school.

The school's existing gym is located seven blocks from the school. The new gym would start out as the school's practice gym with the capacity to become the competition gym after a hallway is built to connect the gym to the school.

MullenPublic Schools Superintendent Jeff Hoesingsaid that the new building will keep students safer as well as providing convenience to the community. He says the gym will free up space in the competition gym, making fewer scheduling conflicts for community meetings and public gatherings.

Thepractice gym budget is approximately $1 million. Around $500,000 of the totalcost will be paid through an interest-free Qualified Capital PurposeUndertaking Fund bond. In addition, a fourth of the cost is supported by theHooker County lodging tax, the Mullen Area Community Foundation Fund, andprivate donations from the community. The Mullen Booster Club has raised thefunds to cover the cost of the gymnasium's wood floor.

Constructionis expected to be complete by spring 2013.