Multiple Businesses in Kearney Burglarized


Various businesses in the same area off Avenue A in Kearney were hit by thieves within days of each other just before Thanksgiving.

Brothers Eric and Jordan Sinnard were arrested for the burglaries and will appear in court next week.

Police records said Jordan Sinnard was caught driving a stolen Camaro with items from the buildings, methamphetamine, and tools to gain entry. Authorities then had a search warrant for their homes where other stolen items were found.

The thefts occurred just two blocks from the Buffalo County Court house.

Norm Vinderslev of Norm's Plumbing and Heating says he could tell someone had been inside. "They went through all the drawers and everything inside the business," he said. "So it would be pretty hard to hide everything. We called the police and noticed that they were already across the street."

According to police reports, the brothers took mostly change and cash but also Christmas presents from Bear Frame and Alignment.

Cammie Pettit-Richmond, administrator assistant of Mid State Engineering -- another business that was broken into, knew that Norm had been saving change for quite some time, and Michelle, co-owner at Bear Frame and Alignment, had Christmas presents for her kids that were taken.

Norm described how much change was in the container the thieves had torn apart, "It was probably half or three-quarters full of change and they took a pair of tin snips, cut the bottom open and dumped all the change out."

Stan Lundgren, owner of Bear Frame and Alignment, knew the thieves would get caught. "You know as many businesses they were breaking into it was just a matter of time that they would make a mistake, probably be the end," he said.

This was the first time in 50 years his business had been broken into.

"I feel very fortunate that they didn't steal any of my tools... they could have cleaned house," shared Norm.

Mid State Engineering said they are putting things in different places now to prepare for possible future occurrences.

All of the business owners said they hope to receive restitution for damaged property.