Mums and Asters for Fall Beauty


Add some fresh color to your landscape with mums and asters.

Set them in a decorative pot and place them on your front steps towelcome visitors, or use them on yourpatio, deck or balcony for a bit of color to enjoy all fall.

Combine with other fall favorites like ornamentalgrasses, cabbage, kale, mustard and pansies for greater impact, or use them to replace fading annuals or fill voids in thegarden.

Leave the mum in its pot andsink it into the ground when using these plants as annuals in the fallgarden. You'll need to water less andit will be easier to remove and replace with new plantings.

And if you're trying to grow them as perennials and tired ofreplacing fall planted mums and asters every year, purchase and plant them inspring and keep pinching them back to 6 inches throughout early summer. You'llhave more compact plants covered with lots of blooms.

Mums and asters make great long-lasting cut flowers. Grow extra plants to insure you have plentyto cut and enjoy indoors. Pick these and other flowers in the morning orevening when the plants are full of moisture.

Recut stems right before placing them in a clean vase filled with water.Keep the vase full of water and your flowers will provide more than a week ofenjoyment.

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