Muzzleloaders Trade Show Focuses On Life In 1800's


Those who attended the 35th Annual Nebraska Muzzleloaders Association's trade show this weekend were taken back to the 1800's.

More than 100 vendors were at this weekend's event. A Muzzleloading club was founded in Kearney in 1979, and along with other clubs, have been meeting as a state organization ever since.

Club members and organizers say this trade show is a great way to reā€“live history, and teach others about how things were done.

"A lot of people here are interested in history as well as shooting the guns," said club member James E. Potter. "So it's just a good time to connect every year."

"The kids will come up," said trade show chairman Roger Frank. "It's their first time exposed, someone is actually making a cup or a bowl and it's just educational."

Vendors from 7 states participated in this trade show, which happens the third weekend of January every year.