NALC Members Discuss Future of Postal Service


Sparks flew at the National Association of Letter Carriers annual meeting in Kearney Saturday morning. Members voiced their opinion about the future of their jobs and where the Postal Service is headed.

Many members in the crowd were veterans and one major concern was keeping their benefits after retiring from being a mail carrier.

NALC officer Nicole Rhine says the re-routing of the Postal Service's operations started when Congress decided to mandate the Postal Service to pre-fund millions of dollars for future employee's pensions.

"It's this mandate that's caused most of the problem, so we're trying to work with Congress," said Rhine.

But Rep. Adrian Smith says he wants the government to be less involved.

"I don't think it's appropriate for Congress to get overly involved in the management of the Postal Service," said Smith.

And Rhine says this issue should be a bi-partisan effort.

"It's the United States Postal Service, it shouldn't be a partisan issue. We deliver everywhere in America six days a week," said Rhine.