National 4-H Week


October7-13 is National 4-H Week. This is atime to celebrate the community impact youth are producing across thenation.

University of Nebraska- Lincoln Extensionoffices encourage 4-H members to share their 4-H pride through activities.

NationalYouth Science Day

InHall County, there will be a Science Day Experiment at the UNL ExtensionOffice located in College Park. The event is Oct. 9 from 6-7 p.m., youth will design an eco-bot that will clean up toxicspills.

The eco-bot is made from atoothbrush head, a motor and a battery. Each team will design a prototype and testtheir eco-bot on the challenge mat. Birdseed will represent the spill. At the end of 2 minutes, contestants will count thenumber of squares their eco-bot cleared and then attemptto change their design in order to clean more of the spill.

Using data they collect, it will be determinedwhich eco-bot did the best job cleaning up the spill.

For more information about this science experiment, go to

Formore information about the local or national Youth Science Day, contact AshleyBenes or Christy Burnett at 308-385-5088.