National Adoption Day Builds Families In Hastings


Seven Hastings area children are now members of a new family.

Saturday was National Adoption day and the town is celebrating their eighth year participating in this event.

In Nebraska nine cities took part in the event, and Saturday morning in Hastings several boys and girls became official sons and daughters to the lucky families that had already been taking care of them.

"We actually started the foster care process before we had children," said Kim Hamik from Blue Hill, Neb. who has now adopted two children with one of those adoptions occurring Saturday.

"It wasn't suppose to be an adoption it was just a temporary thing and then it turned into an adoption," said Sabrina Schutte from Auburn, Neb. who adopted two children.

As some families take kids out of the system through adoption, the need for foster families is still prevalent.

"These were children that were in care, originally they were removed from their biological families," said Kim Krueger from social services.

"If all of us just think about how important our moms and dads was in our various stages it's what everybody deserves and it's what everybody needs and so it is life changing for all of these kids; they don't have to worry about waking up and not knowing what it is like to be in the system anymore or to be shuffled around from home to home," said Ruann Root with the South-Central Nebraska CASA.

Homes like the Hamiks, where they took in a 3-year-old boy.

"We felt like our family just wasn't complete so we decided to try it," said Hamik.

And the Schutte family who added two more children to their Brady Bunch style family of 10 kids.

"We are ecstatic of course when they said 'would you like to adopt' and we were like 'yes oh my gosh yes we would love to adopt,'" said Schutte.

Brighter futures are ahead but most of the children come from troubled backgrounds.

"What we see a lot of the time is those kids, they still love their biological families but they're torn because they know where they came from wasn't necessary right and where they are living now they are provided with loving families," said Root.

Families who are the heroes taking in children to call their own.

"It's one thing to bring in a life into the world but for someone to ask you to care for someone else's life, that's a whole new feeling," said Schutte.

So far this year the 10th Judicial District, which covers nine counties, has seen 20 adoptions.