National Disability Awareness Month Celebrated In October


Disability Awareness Month can even affect the workplace.

Kearney's Vocational Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Center works with those with disabilities who really want to work, and helps them be more successful in their lives.

In the past year, they've helped 129 people find work in 13 counties with different services ranging from career planning to resolving barriers on the job.

"What we want to do is foster a more inclusive society, a more inclusive Nebraska, so that everybody is recognized for their ability in what they can do and what they have to offer," said Kearney Vocational Rehabilitation's Elaine Anderson. "Everyone has a service they can offer, so we focus on that and help people with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment."

By offering these services, they say they're making society more aware that most people can work if given the right tools.

"You may be working with someone who has a disability and doesn't know it, but with October being Disability Awareness Month, what we want to do is acknowledge that everybody has a service to offer, that many people have that many people with disabilities have the ability to work and the desire to work."

Kearney's Vocational Rehabilitation office is hosting an open house all this week to celebrate Disability Awareness month.