National Forest and Grasslands Survey Starting Soon


Forest Service employees will soon be found conducting surveys indeveloped and dispersed recreation sites and along Forest Service roads withinthe Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands.

They will be wearing brightorange vests and be near a sign that says "Traffic Survey Ahead." They are waiting to talk to you about yourvisit to the national forests and grasslands. All information you give isconfidential and the survey is voluntary.

This on-going national survey has already been conducted once five years ago onevery national forest and grassland in the country. The purpose of the second survey is to update the information previously gathered as well as tolook at recreation trends over time.

The information is useful for forestplanning and even local community tourism planning. It provides thenational forest managers with an estimate of how many people actually recreateon federal lands and what activities they engage in while there.

Otherimportant information forest and tourism planners need includes how satisfiedpeople were with their visit and the economic impact of your recreation visiton the local economy.

The basic interview lastsabout eight minutes and is completely confidential. Every other visitor is asked a few additionalquestions which may take an additional five minutes. The questionsvisitors are asked include: where they recreated on the forest or grassland,how many people they traveled with, how long they were on the forest orgrassland, what other recreation sites they visited, and how satisfied theywere with the facilities and services provided.

About a third of thevisitors will be asked to complete a confidential survey on recreation spendingduring their trip.

Interviews will be conducted beginning October 4, and run thruSeptember 30, 2013 at various locations across the Nebraska National Forestsand Grasslands. If you have any questions about this program you canvisit