National Night Out Events Aim to Make Neighborhoods Safer


Block parties were held across the country Tuesday to help prevent crime.

In Grand Island, 14 National Night Out events were planned.

Police said it’s a way for neighborhoods to become safer and more aware.

"If you know your neighbors you're going to kind of care about them and you look out for each other. The neighbors know who belongs in their neighborhood and that's when, if you see something suspicious then you just call 911," said GIPD officer Butch Hurst.

It's also a way for the public to see a different side of officers.

"Normally a police officer sees people in the worst day of their life and what we want to happen tonight is that the police officers get to meet the citizens of our town and get to see them in a different light where you can have a little fun. You can joke around," said Hurst.

National Night Out events were also planned in Aurora, Broken Bow, Dannebrog, Franklin, Fullerton, Hastings and Holdrege.