National Shoot Continues to Grow


Thousands of shooters have ballooned Doniphan's population for the 45th Annual Cornhusker National Shoot.

More than 900 Jr. High students competed Thursday. Friday, it was the High Schoolers’ turn.

The chance to shoot a 16 yard target draws people from miles away - nearly 2,500 from across the Midwest this year. That’s well over the host's population.

"The town of Doniphan is 800 people and, as you can see, there's probably 8,000, 10,000 people here," said Terry Brentzel, shoot director.

Brentzel said the competition has grown 10% in each of the last two years.

It's attracting vendors from across the country, but Mom and Pop's Kettle Korn didn't have too far to come.

They've been traveling from Dannenberg to the Cornhusker Nationals for the past decade.

"It's been a good thing for us. A lot of people appreciate it," said Mel Grim.

Besides the revenue, Grim's son is a coach at Grand Island Northwest. That team brought 90 shooters.

Organizers expect the competition to continue to grow.

"Our wants is to keep every kid that wants to shoot, keep coming here and there's possibly going to be a time where we're going to have to go to more days," said Brentzel

For now, it means longer days for this national event.

Brentzel said the Nebraska Trapshooting Association grounds is the only venue in the state big enough to host it.

“This is the only place that is capable of handling this many shooters. They have 24 traps here. The town I live in in Oshkosh, we have two traps, so there's no way you could run 2,500 kids through two traps or four traps," he said.

The competition continues Saturday.

You can see Cornhusker National Shoot results here.