National Weather Service in Hastings Handles Busy Day


With tornado watches and several other storm warnings in effect across the state, days like Tuesday are some of the busiest for the National Weather Service in Hastings.

NWS tripled the amount of staff they usually have. There is usually only two or three people working during a normal shift, but Tuesday afternoon, they had nine.

Three people were watching radar, tracking storms and looking for patterns. There was also a team handling social media postings throughout the night, keeping people on Facebook and Twitter informed.

On hectic days like Tuesday, the weather service in Hastings has someone act as an event coordinator. That person is constantly watching everyone at work and decides if anyone needs a rest or if they need to bring in more people.

“Our heart's racing a little faster, our blood’s pumping a little quicker, but when it comes right down to it, it’s our job, it’s what we’re paid to do, what we’re expected to do,” said Mike Moritz, NWS warning coordinator.