Junior National Cattle Show Helps Future of Family Farms


A national youth ag competition shows what the next generation of cattle producers has to offer.

Youth from all over the country are participating at this week's Maine Anjou Junior National Show.

This competition not only helps kids build relationships with each other, but also helps them understand the industry better -- an important facet considering the future of the family farm.

"The family farm in the cattle industry has been decreasing," said event leader John Boddicker. "I hope that juniors starting later on in life grasp onto that breed and become a good part of it in a leadership role."

And when youth participate in competitions like this, they're more likely to keep participating in the farm in one way or another.

"I feel like with the kids competing in this it's going to keep them more active and involved in their family farms," said event leader Kelsey Rutt. "So I feel that if you don't have this or do stuff, family events like these, you're going to start losing're going to start having less and less of that."

The championships will continue throughout the week at the State Fairgrounds in Grand Island.