Neb. Democratic Party Files Complaint Against Sen. Fischer

Lincoln- Tuesday the Nebraska Democratic Party filed a request for an investigation into a possible violation of Nebraska accountability and disclosure statutes by State Senator Deb Fischer.

Those filing say Fischer, as a member of the Nebraska Legislature, failed to disclose that she had historical personal interest and potential financial gain or loss in the sale of a neighboring Kimes' family ranch to the state of Nebraska.

They also say that in 2011, State Senator Fischer introduced LB 229, which would have effectively prevented the sale of the Kimes' land, yet failed to file the Conflict of Interest statement to publicly disclose her interest in the sale.

"The ownership and control of this land was a longstanding personal and financial concern of Deb Fischer," said Patricia Zieg, Democratic National Committeewoman.

"Fischer had a duty to alert the public, her constituents and her fellow state senators about her interest in the sale of the Kime family ranch when she introduced LB 229," said Zieg. "Her failure to do so shows an inability to tell the difference between her own self-interest and that of the larger community. There's already too much of that attitude and conduct in Washington D.C. now."