Neb. Dept. of Economic Development Awards $100,000 Grant


Lincoln - The Nebraska Department of Economic Development awarded a $100,000 Nebraska Research and Development grant to Enbido, Inc., of Omaha on Tuesday. The grant was awarded to commercialize rapid bio-waste degradation (RBD) technology that works 1.5 to 2 times faster than the next best industry practices found throughout Europe and North America.

Commercialization of this technology will create significant technical, economic, social and environmental benefits, including rapid disposal of massive bio-waste, landfill space conservation, reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, more rapid and greater energy generation, energy security enhancement and job creation.

"This prototyping fund awarded by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development will greatly help Enbido jump start the business from a laboratory-proven technology to pre-market prototypes," said Dr. Haorong Li, Enbido president.

"During the next few years, Enbido expects to build RBD plants for communities, waste management companies, food firms, and cities," said Li.

As part of the Business and Innovation Act, the Nebraska Research and Development Grant program connects the state of Nebraska with partners in business, as well as Nebraska colleges and universities to fund research and develop activities leading to new/better products, processes, and innovations.

Any Nebraska-based, for-profit business, regardless of employment base, may request financial help to pay Nebraska public and private colleges, universities, or faculty for academic research and product development undertaken on their behalf. R&D grants may be used for applied research, new product development, or new uses of intellectual property already generated by a public or private college or university in Nebraska.

R&D must be directed toward commercialization of new products, or modification of existing products that lead to substantially improved marketability, or the improvement of existing processes that may provide a new source of revenue for Nebraska business.

Up to $100,000 is available for first phase qualifying projects. An additional $400,000 is available if the first phase is successful and agreed-upon contractual requirements as determined by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development are met.