Neb. Wheat Crop Report


According to the USDA's October 1 report, winter wheat seeding has approached the two-thirds point, but fields were slow to emerge due to dry soil conditions.

The amount of winter wheat seeded was at 64 percent, behind both 77 percent last year and the 77 percent average. Winter wheat that has emerged was 16 percent, well behind last year's 46 percent and the 41 percent average.

In the panhandle, producers said wheat planting is around 90 percent complete. Some wheat emergence can be seen in the area.

The number of irrigated wheat acres has increased, as farmers are faced with water restrictions the emerging trend is to plant wheat on irrigated fields.

Since the southwest district has not received rain, many farmers, who have already harvested other crops early, have no incentive to plant wheat as a winter cover crop. The region shows little to no wheat emergence.

Eastern Nebraska is in the process of planting their wheat. Some farmers in the area are waiting for moisture before they begin to plant. Some of the fields that were planted early already have wheat emerging.