Statistics say Driving is Most Dangerous Activity for Teens


It can be assumed that if any other activity were as dangerous for teens as driving is, it would most likely be illegal.

Statistics say that driving a vehicle is the single most dangerous activity a teenager between the ages of fourteen to eighteen will every participate in.

The Nebraska Safety Center is tying to decrease the number of motor vehicle crashes and fatalities in young adults, and studies show those numbers can be slashed which a few simple steps.

"Many studies that you look at for any type of motor vehicle crash boils down to one or two reasons, either too much speed or not paying attention," said Transportation Safety Manger Brandon Benitz. "So if we can encourage drivers to slow down and pay more attention we're going to take a drastic bite out of the number of crashes that occur every day."

The Nebraska Safety Center offers simulated driving courses for students, as well as adults, where driving skills are put to the test and possible hazardous situations are thrown in front of the participant.

Drivers are then able to review their performance to see where improvements can be made.